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Open learning

webinarOpen learning means that different students study different courses in a single class under the expert trainer guidance. Self-study approach under trainer’s mentoring is widely known since 19 century. How can it help in modern education for adults?

Our “Specialist” training center developed and implemented the new approach for trainings based on students’ self-study in class. We combine self-study in class, webinars, and trainer’s mentoring. 

The certain group of students is placed in the single classroom with trainer — expert inside. Each student may learn its own course using self-study materials. You shouldn’t wait for the course — you can start at any time.

All courses for the open learning training belong to a common branch: Web courses, Microsoft system engineering, computer graphic, etc. The trainer helps each student when he needs assistance.

Since 2009 we provide the webinar trainings by our patented webinar inClass method (LERN award 2010). We use the live webinar recordings for open learning. So we have collected a great number of webinar recordings for hundreds of courses. Open learning students watch pre-recorded courses when they want: in class, at home, or by webinar translation as well. The live recordings give students a feeling of class attendance, he/she feels the rhythm of training, watches demo, practices, and labs.

Also all necessary training materials are available to open learning student. So student receives the real knowledge not a simple presentation.

Student at open learning execute all labs and practices. Each workstation contains two computer monitors. One of them a student use to access the course content: video, text and audio. On the other monitor, student has access to the production environment so he can practice his skills at any time during the course.

There is a qualified Trainer in the classroom. Certified Instructors provide ongoing coaching, support and guidance throughout the training. They answer questions and provide additional instruction on-demand to increase student’s comprehension and retention of the course material.

Open Learning — advantages for students:

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