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Webinars by Specialist's "inClass" method

webinarIn 2009, “Specialist” training center launched an innovative learning program – Webinar InClass, This unique method is used to enhance the learning process for almost all courses in our center.

How is the learning process organized? A webinar student connects (using special and very simple software) to certain class training.

All training materials are available in electronic forms: e-learning, pdf-files, videorecordings, etc.

Webinar students are provided with full access to lab environment, and practical tasks. The lab environment is the same one as for class attendees due to virtualization technologies, especially Hyper-V. As result webinar students gains the same practice as class students.

Webinar record access is the additional option. It’s very pleasant, and useful to watch the recording once more, or have it as B-plan if Internet connection fails. Usually webinar students ask additional questions after repeating the training material including records.

This way — implementing the “webinars inClass” we reach the following goals:

– time and money saving;
– combining training and jobs;
– learning process is controlled by trainer;
– there is social networking and live communications with trainer and colleagues;
– certificates (state-based, vendor-based) are the same as for class attendees;
– it’s modern and fashion.

Also the clients have the luxury of the following benefits:

We confirm that webinar inClass training method is
the real “Education 2.0”!

Webinar rewards:

Webinars in Center «Specialist» — the world best way of distance learning!

Spеcialist's Webinar was voted the best among the SAAS nominees as part of «Microsoft Enter the Cloud» contest!

IAMCP Russia with Microsoft Russia started («Enter the Cloud») competition for developers of SaaS and cloud services applications. The target is to attract new and develop new ideas, and to support the companies that have already been established as major companies regarding Microsoft products, as well as, the new ones.

By winning the top spot in the SaaS nomination of the («Enter the Cloud») contest, “Specialist”  Training center has proved once again that the Webinar (InClass) technology is the best one.

Center «Specialist» received the highest LERN award!

LERN Award 2010: The best Innovative technology is the "Specialist" Webinar (InClass) technology!

The “Specialist” training center has been awarded the prestigious LERN award, for the considerable achievements in the field of innovative education. This patented technology has huge impacts which lead to unprecedented popularity even among the western learning companies, thus, resulting in winning the first place in the category “Most innovative learning development technologies, in other words, Webinar (InClass) is the best technology in the world.
“All the submitted applications are demonstration of the best technologies and developments in the field of continuous learning” and it is a great pleasure to witness that in the category of “Most innovative learning technology”  the winner is the biggest training center in Russia, the “Specialist” said the president of the international LERN association William A. Draves. Our expert were amazed by the unorthodox approach of this technology, by uniting the on-line students with in class students, this technology manages not only to enhance the learning experience of the on-line students but also leads to improve substantially the sales of the training center.

Webinars of Center «Specialist» recognized as the best contribution to science!

"Specialist" webinar technology is the best contributor in the field of distant learning!

Webinar technology of the “Specialist” training center has been acknowledged to be the best not only in Russia but as well as in the world.
We have won the top spot in the “Contribution to Science” nominee in the 3rd annual Russian contest “Press service award”, there were more than 100 applications in this category from state and private companies from 34 cities from all over Russia, as well as, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The solemn ceremony took place in Moscow on the 16th of March 2011; the “Specialist” training center was awarded the top prize.

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